Jun 2016

Get ready for Bourne Free 2016!

Get ready for Bourne Free 2016!Some of this years confirmed acts…

Artful Dodger produced an amazing string of chart topping hits, remixes & a platinum selling album (It's All About The Stragglers).

Shola Ama is an English R&B singer, who scored her biggest hit in 1997 with a cover of Turley Richards' "You Might Need Somebody".

Sam starred on the 10th season of X-Factor and was part of a mixed-gender group managed by Geri Halliwell.

Angie Brown is well known as the featured vocalist on Bizarre Inc's two hits "I'm Gonna Get You" and "Took My Love" in the 90s.

Brandon Block is British club DJ who's played in venues such as Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, Miss Moneypenny's and Republica.

Kelly Wilde opened the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest with a power ballad called "Better Be Good to Me".


The Parade - Saturday 9th July - Join in with this years parade!

START TIME - 11:00am
East Cliff, Bournemouth BH1 3AF

END TIME - 12:00pm
The Triangle, Bournemouth


For more info - visit the Bourne Free website

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Jan 2015

Your essential guide for safer fun in the sun!

Holiday Health GuidePlanning to bring back anything nice from your holiday?

We all look forward to going away, whether it's just for kicks, fun in the sun or trotting across the globe; but did you know that a whopping one in five men in the UK catches a sexually transmitted infection whilst on their holiday?

At Over The Rainbow we have put together some helpful suggestions to help you enjoy that holiday fling, without bringing back any unexpected holiday souvenirs.

So here's our Holiday Health Guide information & useful tips for all you fab gay gals/women out there!

Oct 2012

Gay Girls Health Guide

Gay Girls Health GuideThere's loads of sexual health info out there for gay men, straight men and straight women, but sometimes it seems that gay and bi women are left out the loop (arrrh!). But not to worry help is at hand!

There are all sorts of misconceptions around gay women's sexual health; We've heard people say "I can't get HIV I'm a lesbian" and "I don't need a smear I've never had sex with a man"… if only that were true!

So here's some information & useful tips for all you fab gay gals/women out there!

Girls Health Guide

Jan 2012

Gender Identity Dysmorphia (GID)

Not to be confused with the drag queens and kings that keep us company with our booze cruise Saturday nights, Gender Identity Dysmorphia (GID) is a term used to acknowledge a persons dissatisfaction with their biological gender. More common than you may think it is estimated that there are 20 people per 100,000 living with GID in the UK alone.

Read about Gender Identity Dysmorphia

Jul 2011

The Sexy Stuff - Sexual Health Guide

The Sexy Stuff - Sexual Health GuideEmbarrassed or unsure about talking about sex, relationships and sexual health with other people? No problem! Young Rainbows has produced a pocket-size sexual health guide just for guys who like guys, and a guide for girls who like girls.

'The Sexy Stuff' talks about pretty much all of the sex, relationships and sexual health issues, you as a young person might face but doesn't tell you what to do.

Available now here as a PDF download!

Jul 2009

All about Sexually Transmitted Infections

All about Sexually Transmitted InfectionsUse our fabulous animated STI viewer to learn about sexually transmitted infections. There are sections on Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis.

We now offer full screening of sexually transmitted infections at Over The Rainbow. Make an appointment now, pop in and get checked out for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis and HIV, with free vacinations for Hepatitis B. The service is friendly, confidential, and we're easy to get to!

Jun 2013

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Catch up with the very latest information, photos of fabulous nights out in Bournemouth and more! It's the best way to keep in touch with what's happening with our services and what's happening on the scene in Bournmeouth.

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